My name is Sonam Morad and I am an international wholesale sterling silver jewelry dealer.  My family  fled from Tibet in 1959 along with the His Holiness The 14th Dali Lama. They settled in the Mustang region of Nepal where I was born. I grew up and worked as a Tibetan carpet weaver in and around the Tibetan Stupa at Bodnath where I met my husband, an American gemologist working in Thailand.


My family  has been trading and traveling all over Central Asia for centuries. We have traded in everything from hand  made carpets  and wool to coral, gemstones and rare precious beads from all over Asia. Today, my family has collectively  accumulated  nine stores in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. We trade in everything  from carpets and clothing to jewelry and antique Tibetan furniture. 

I first became interested in jewelry  while my husband was working in Thailand as a gemologist and wholesale gem dealer. With the wide variety of high quality gemstones available to me through my husband's business, I began to design and wear my own jewelry.  I found that I really enjoy every aspect of the wholesale jewelry business from the selection process to the designing and selling the beautiful pieces. I especially enjoy  wearing my collection.  I personally hand pick and inspect each and every piece for quality of  materials and workmanship. I have accumulated  a wide variety of interesting styles with high quality precious and semi precious gemstones from all over the world.


Now, I travel all over America with my collection, visiting the wholesale trade shows of all varieties. You can find my itinerary  on the "Show Schedule"  page. I look forward to seeing you and doing some business together at our next trade show.

I promise that I will do all that I can to please you and that your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

  Phone: Cool, CA